Drvene sanitarije po Vašoj meri i želji

You are my good friend, your idiot, I would do this for you even when I wasn’t in love with you

caution, of the resonant. sheppard/mckay and you may nc-17 very first time, closed inside the a cupboard–and this tale are amazing–the greatest issue we have read inside the fandom yet ,, and you will concealed given that good pwp, but indeed achingly nice and you can somewhat intimate, however, all the subtly, the lower. sheppard are nervous and wistful and you will plainly could have been medical crush, and you may mckay’s partial-scientific method of the fresh sex was wise.

the brand new pegasus area, from the sabine. sheppard/mckay, pg. invest season 1, post-“the brotherhood”, a narrative away from atlantis’s pov and possess john’s and rodney’s. on the iq tests and you can highest iq societies, simply, and you may a wizard-level-brilliant sheppard. it is good fanon proven fact that cannot seems fanon right here due to the way it’s made the object off desire, among pillars of facts. the latest omnisicient atlantis pov is extremely chill, too, and entire build enjoys an enjoyable and quite smooth move.

the risks away from chocolates, otherwise rodney dentro de-chocolated, by the salieri. sheppard/mckay, pg. sheppard pov, early s2. a funny, rambly, run-towards phrases particular sheppard sound. however, generally this is just cute.

owl vision, from the salieri. sheppard/mckay, pg, just scarcely maybe not gen. an excellent little bit of event-including fic where the atlantis quarantine snaps towards the and you will hair sheppard in his bedroom, seem to with a great wraith, and you will rodney has to try to get your aside.

It absolutely was such as for example a good Buster Keaton flick simply with no comedy

beware of geeks influence gift ideas, because of the serialkarma. gen, pg. this really is a small, geeky ficlet from the xmas presents and it is entertaining, especially the dialogue, however, john’s narration is excellent also. people regarding the comments says it’s great the way it have a great significant canon and incredibly nothing fanon, and i also can go and additionally you to too. without a doubt, wise!mathy!john was fanon, but he or she is sizzling hot, therefore he becomes a free ticket.

untitled ficlet by shade. sheppard/mckayish, most lightweight, g. an extremely quick, pretty ficlet. The two had matching puzzled face before it turned to for each and every other and come pattering back-and-forth quietly.

an attractive lifestyle experience, because of the shalott. sheppard/mckay, nc-17 earliest-time. a novella where a bit of alien technical eventually tends to make sheppard and you may mckay joint parents, following they enhance the tot. a great child tale, nice, funny, fun, perfect.

Now Rome wife shut-up and pick a motion picture,” and John felt his rage sag and you can failure such an effective deflating balloon; precisely what the heck are he supposed to tell one to?

can not have one, because of the shalott. sheppard/mckay, nc-17. they will have acquired ceremonially or take a fake vacation and you can occur to has sex. the latest story’s not that enough time, plus it starts with them refusing to own sex and you will ends with them demonstrably ecstatic on arrangement, and you may she cannot spend a lot of time establishing doing they or persuade you of it or some thing, however the breathtaking situation is actually she does not have any to, she never will lose your (or perhaps, me), it’s all produced in; brand new tone, the fresh new characterisation, the fresh new dialogue, it never ever wavers. this your kinda light and you will dumb.

controverted, by shalott. sheppard/mckay, pg. mckay pov, level about half s1 and concluding pursuing the stop. i am still sorts of stunned using this one to. this really is a beneficial. it offers sweet but it’s prime mckay pov, it’s never mushy otherwise sentimental, that’s energizing, plus in-profile. it’s note-finest, the whole narration; everything seems like rodney is talking it. and you will along with, they kinda murdered me. inside the a great way. this 1 not so much to the humour, though; the templates are very severe.

zero refunds otherwise transfers, by the shalott. sheppard/mckay, Bien au, nc-17. harlequin difficulty entryway: rodney’s alone into atlantis and you may sales a mail-order bride-to-be. they upload him john. wise, credible, full of precious conversation and you can great angsty rodney pov and you can genuine harlequin area! wizard.

unaware, of the shalott. sheppard/mckay, nc-17. very, extremely, most hilarious–painfully funny, particularly mckay’s behaviour, which is just deceased-into. and you may type of embarrassing to watch, in a really precious way, in which john doesn’t understand that he is upcoming onto rodney, and you may rodney does not realise that he’s perhaps not. “Goddamnit, we’re not relationships!” John said angrily. “Do you really end pretending such as for instance I am your girlfriend within the a good coma?” However, Rodney merely shifted things off smug to vision-running as opposed to destroyed a defeat. “Sure, fine, we are really not matchmaking.

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